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the many words of this confused little betty.
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Subject:MY LAST ENTRY :(
Time:07:36 pm


because i will no longer be updating this one.
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Current Music:system of a down (keith)
Time:10:06 am
Current Mood:bouncybouncy

Kelsi, i know you can't read this anytime soon, but i miss the crap out of you. i miss throwing spaggetti at walls with you. and feeding carrot cake to your cat. :) and writing silly stories. and stealing each other's clothes...and pillows. and rating EVERY guy (man, thats sounds shallow...oh well!)

Everybody else, i miss you too.

Tyler, that picture of you is pretty hot. :)

so everybody. i...being the physcopath, changes-her-mind-every-second person, want to change my livejournal name. FOR THE FINAL TIME...uless something awful happens. So I am going to think it over for a VERY long time and you guys can give me ides.

Well, have to go! ♥ ASHA

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Current Music:Iron & Wine
Subject:building nothing laying bricks.
Time:09:34 pm
Current Mood:blankblank

this is a poem i found from when i was in 3rd grade...(it is written exactly how i found it.)

wens ther wes a wite bloon
i'm see a wite bloon sed mum
i like thet wite bloon to.

today me and becca bought a MASSIVE (ha) bag of Smarties instead of a bag of chips like we were supposed to.

today we watched the 8th grade video. there was this shot of me and becca and amanda walking through the hall and i just broke down knowing that we will never get to do that again....but, i am trying to be optomistic and think of the good things. (there are many of those.)

i think i am going to go work out tomorrow after we go to SunnySide park. i feel like i have been lazy lately and i need a good cheering up.


"i'll wait for you if it takes forever. i love you..." you didn't wait.
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Current Music:garden state soundtrack
Subject:this is way beyond my remote concern for being condescending ♠
Time:09:31 pm
Current Mood:hornyhorny

I think i'll go home and mull this over

Before i cram it down my throat

At long last it's crashed, it's colossal mass

Has broken up into bits in my moat.


The ZOO was a blast. "HOT GUY!"

tomorrow is the last day. i do not exactly know how i feel about this.





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Time:10:14 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy

HEY EVERYBODY! I figured out how to do it.... (thank you so much sarah♥)

sorry, just needed you all to see that.

well, i need my sleep. will update tomorrow.

i'll fall asleep tonight, cause that brings me closer to you.

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Current Music:senses fail
Subject:red bull. mmm.....
Time:03:34 pm
Current Mood:confusedmeh

i can see that i am no longer needed...
i'll bow out quietly.

tyler- i agree. i miss you. let's start over. i'm asha...

3 days left. 

well, sorry so short. we'll update soon.


p.s, if anyone wants to explain to me how to put a picture on an update, please show me.

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Current Music:straylight run
Subject:♥sing like you think no one's listening♥
Time:07:43 pm
Current Mood:chippermusical
hey. it seems like i havn'y updated forever. well, got alot to say...

formal was on friday night and everyone looked so awsome. jordan got me flowers, i don't really like him like that but it was really sweet and they were really pretty. then afterwards, we all went to hannah's house and stuff. you guys all no what "stuff" i am talking about. :)

then today, i was sitting in the lobby of cost cutters waiting for my appointment and andrew comes in. :) we got our hair cut right next to each other and we talked and stuff. i was cool. my mom is going to bleach hos tips sumtime this week. he was really sweet to her and helped us put away our groceries and stuff. then, i went bowling and to the chilson with kelsi and stevie and hannah came bowling too and jo and mitch and michael were at the chiclson. i got to meet micheal and he's cool. (and cute :))

well, thats pretty much everything exciting that has happened. i will update later.

p.s. i miss you amanda.
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Subject:just a flower with a broken back, waiting for dirty water
Time:10:29 pm
Current Mood:stressedleft out
there's a mirror thats never seen a face
in a room that takes up space
there's a journal and a lock of hair
there's a feather that never found the air.

♥better sleep in clean new sheets♥
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Current Music:fuck it
Time:09:51 pm
Current Mood:rejectedrejected
i won't ever ask if you don't ever tell me
i know you well enought to know...
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Current Music:The Junior Varsity
Subject:♠Happy Mom's Day
Time:08:44 am
Current Mood:contentcontent
Last night night i dyed half my hair black. I think it looks really kick-ass. :)

Today, me and my mom are going to Ruby Tuedays and then we are going shopiing. And maybe, if the weather holds up, we are going to go paddle boating!! I havn't been paddel boating since i was like 4. I am excited.

We helped my angee move yesterday and these other people moved in next to her old house and there is this guy named steven...before i go any further, let establish that i am very mad at them for moving now :) ...anyway, i am just going to say that he skates and he's hot!!

Well, must go. everybody have a good day.
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the many words of this confused little betty.
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You're looking at the latest 10 entries.
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